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The Upland Property Explorer let you search an address in San Francisco and shows you some Upland attributes and values stored on the eos blockchain. If you don't know upland, visit Upland.me. If you use this link, Upland will award you with a bonus for your first purchase!

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Alamo Square 1173 Hyes St Come and discover a neighborhood filled with victorian homes located in the center of San Francisco!
Fisherman's Wharf 206 Jefferson St The one and only marina available in San Francsico.
Fisherman's Wharf 245 Jefferson St Hungry? Stop by and enjoy a supreme crab!
Fisherman's Wharf 165 Jefferson St Thirsty? Come and taste San Francisco's best Irish Coffee!
2nd Tier Iconic 122 Lyon Street Google: Janis Joplin Drivers License
The collections are not offical and made up by the users. More entries will follow.
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  1. you need a verified account
  2. add paypal under "Settings > Linked Accounts"
  3. transfer / convert your crypto to usd and withdraw to paypal. The withdrawal was pretty quick for me
  4. now you can buy UPX with your paypal credit
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The site is under ongoing development and can change from time to time. Not all addresses can be found currently.

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